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Blind Filter Basket

Blind Filter Basket

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Use a blind filter in your portafilter when cleaning your espresso machine.

Use in conjunction with a cleaning products.

When the pipes are clean, your coffee continues t taste perfect, make sure the pipes are clean with the backflushing and enjoy the Best coffee any time.

The blind filter basket is used for backflushing on espresso machines that have a pressure release mechanism. This is a standard and necessary part of cleaning your machine to keep the channels in the group clear, which makes the extraction pressure uniform.

Blind Filter Basket description:

  • Standard 58mm
  • Material stainless steel blanking disc.
  • Edge to edge diameter is 70mm.
  • Height 17mm.
  • Electropolished
  • Maximized Extraction Flow
  • Ridgeless
  • Precise and Consistent
  • Pesado baskets are laser cut, meaning an increased number of holes, with a funnel shape.
  • Electropolished, thus reducing friction and creating the smoothest finish possible.
  • Maximizes extraction flow, and reduces variations in extraction.
  • Ridgeless to ensure no water is disrupted on it's way to the puck, you'll be extracting the full bed of coffee every time.


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