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Hario, V60 02 Paper Filter

Hario, V60 02 Paper Filter

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This cone pour-over filter is made to combine with the Hario V60 02 Dripper to make a fantastic cup of filter coffee. Each pack contains 100 white filters that can be thrown away.

The V60 brewer promises a clean, flavorful, sediment-free cup, and these paper filters are the key to getting it.

These paper filters are the key to enjoying the clean, flavorful, sediment-free cup promised by the V60 brewer.

It's recommended to clean each filter after use, rinse in water and then dry, after the paper dries, you can use to make origami

Hario, V60 02 Paper Filter description:

  • Cone shaped disposable paper filters for Hario V60 coffee Dripper, size 02
  • Contains 100 disposable natural tabbed paper filters
  • Designed in "Japan" 
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